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 Welcome to your new salon home! My specialties are grey coverage and blondes. All services start with a warm welcome and consultation where we will discuss your hair goals.

Once we are on the same page, enjoy a snack and beverage. When you are processing, you choose if you want quiet time to read or conversation.  This is your time to relax!

Grey Root Touch-Up


$140+ (Color/Cut/Blowdry)

This service is for those who want to cover their grey and has less then 2 inches of new growth. We start with a clarifying shampoo to remove any minerals, medications or buildup of any kind that could interfere with your color. Then we will do your haircut (if desired). Apply your color. After processing, off to a relaxing experience at the shampoo bowl followed with a blow dry.

Partial or Full Head Highlight

$135+(Partial/Blowdry)               $160+(Partial/Cut/Blowdry)

$165+(FULL/Blowdry)                 $200+(Full/Cut/Blowdry)

This service is for the person who wants some bright or darker pieces added to their hair(this price is for one color). This foil work is offered as a partial head which includes top of head to the crown and a couple on side or can be done on the whole head. After processing, glaze if needed. Then off to a relaxing experience at the shampoo bowl followed by a haircut (if needed) then blow dry.

Mature Woman Portrait

Hand Painted Balayage

$-180+ (Balayage/Blowdry)


This service is for the person who likes a more sun kissed natural look with dimension and who also likes to stretch out their appointments (you still need to come in and refresh your glaze in between). I will hand paint your hair, (1 color) glaze. Then off to a relaxing shampoo experience followed by a haircut (if desired) then a blow dry.

Mature Woman
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